Heaven is boring.

Live out your wildest fantasies, fall into temptation, and be as wicked as you'd like in Hell.



Hell has the energy and life of a rave while remaining sophisticated and luxurious. Dazzling with dancing neon lights and flooded with bright, saturated colors, it shines with excitement of city nightlife. A hint of evil fills the air, sizzling hot and titillating— it is addicting. In this all-inclusive paradise, your pleasure is top priority. 

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Make your own adventure.

Hell’s website will be used for general information: exploring the nine levels of Hell, viewing upcoming events and activities, purchasing day tickets, and booking a room for a longer stay.



Instagram will be the primary social media outlet for Hell. These photos will stream to the main website’s gallery area. People can post their photos with the hashtag #fromhell.



Turn Up

Satanic drinks are served on every level of Hell, but nothing compares to Satan’s special elixir. Beelzebub is made from juices of freshly picked forbidden fruits and distilled on Level XI at Lake Cocytus. Taste temptation with the glowing, sinful sweetness of Beelzebub.


Erotic Nights

Those who choose an extended stay in Hell will spend the night on Level VIII at the Malebolge Hotel, where there is never a boring moment. Each hotel room includes a goodie bag. Because you deserve it.


Life is too short to play by the rules.