Fitness Tracker  

Created for the Paperboard Packaging Student Design Competition, the goal was to design an interactive package for a fitness tracker targeted toward college students. The package should allow customers to try on the product in store, reuse the package after purchase, and the design should be innovative and distinguishable among competitor trackers.

We created the MisfitBurst, a line of Misfit Fitness Trackers aimed specifically toward college students. MisfitBurst motivates students to workout by integrating music into fitness. 

Collaboration with Andrea Shaver, Stacey Yip, and Diana Elias



Fitness + Music 

Studies show that exercising regularly not only improves health, it also helps in school by improving concentration, stress, and energy levels. We began looking at college student's workout motivations and discovered 53.3% of college students say they would work out more frequently if they were listening to music, and that music makes workouts seem easier and keeps people exercising longer. 

With music as a driving force behind MisfitBurst, we partnered with Spotify to offer the ultimate music experience. The product line features four colors and the most popular genres of workout music. Each Misfit comes with downloadable Spotify playlists for workouts.



When designing the package's structure, we were immediately inspired by the cylinder shape of the Misfit device. 

While exploring different structures, we kept in mind that the Misfit device must be secured to the band to prevent theft. In addition, we needed the insert to hold batteries, bands, and accessories, and act as a storage container for the tracker at home.



Point of Purchase

The interactive display features lights and bright colors to attract college students. We wanted to emphasize the nebula shapes that were inspired by the music.

Each of the four music categories has its own section, so that each customer can find the tracker that is loaded up with their favorite type of music.



Our ultimate music experience begins in-store. We worked with an engineer to create a package that can sing. When a customer pulls the band to try on the tracker, MisfitBurst will give them a taste of the genre of music. 

For the MisfitBurst "POP flavor, we sampled Drake's "Hotline Bling."





Workout Modification

Since many college students go away on co-op or during summer break, athletes might not have access to the equipment they are used to in their school gym. The modification option allows the athletes to select alternative exercises that work similar muscles. There is also an opt out option if athletes are unable to perform an exercise. 



The interactive display would be found in Best Buy and college bookstores. It is a vibrant display of bright colors and lights that highlights each music category. The display takes the shape of the music-inspired nebulas, and features a section where customers can sample the different genres of music.