Crop It. Log It. Pocket.
A smarter way to manage small farms. 


Younger generations are often apprehensive to go into farming because of the low financial reward for a high amount of effort. While hesitant, most younger farmers are interested in integrating new technologies into farming— but there is currently a lack of technology for small start-up farmers.

Pocket Plot is an application and website that enhances the tactile way farmers are currently tracking information and turns it into a more holistic and integrated experience. Creating a smarter, more efficient farming experience helps farming become a more viable and appealing as a career to millennial farmers.  

UI/UX Design, Animation

Collaboration with Tori Bonagura and Andrea Shaver


Mobile App

The Pocket Plot app allows you to manage your crops, market activity, tasks, and farm workers.  The key was to create a system that could enhance farmer productivity by making natural habits more organized and efficient. 



See an overview + manage all crops and crop varieties. Input data on soil conditions, seed starting, planting, pest management, and harvest data.


Track market inventory, sales, and profits. Adjust sale prices, quantities brought / sold, and view data from other markets in real time.


Keep a digital log of notes and data, both manually input + handwritten using smart paper. Add notes offline that automatically sync to the app when internet is available


Sort tasks by individual to-dos, unassigned tasks, and tasks that need all hands on deck from the entire farm. Delegate tasks to workers and prioritize what needs to be done first. 



Many farmers have a habit of jotting notes down by hand— but the notes are often misplaced or never looked at again. Smart paper allows farmers used to handwritten notes to smoothly transition into digital note keeping. 

The smart paper is calibrated using morse code in the corners of each page. Farmers can find the smart paper templates on the Pocket Plot website and print the pages out themselves, choosing to print only what information they wish to record. 



It can be tough to maintain a work / life balance when you're a farmer. Putting your phone into Farming Mode allows you to set a timer or schedule for when you would like your phone to send you work-related notifications from the Pocket Plot app.

Farmers are constantly using their hands. Farming Mode also incorporates hands-off technology that listens to voice commands for easy note + data input. 



The website log directs users to very comprehensive data and charts for everything happening on the farm. Each data screen has a robust display of every crop’s data from across the entire farm for a quick overview, but you can also view individual charts, graphs, and data sets for each individual crop on the farm, compare different varieties of each crop, and tack attributes of each one.


Process and Exploration



I visited the Rochester Public Market to meet farmers as part of my initial research. While there, I met Glad-To-Know-Ya Farm, a small, family farm in Marion, NY. They were kind enough to invite me to their farm and talk to their family; I made a short documentary to share my findings about the struggles of small-scale farming.

Glad-To-Know-Ya-Farm was an official selection of the 2017 Fast Forward Film Festival.

For a more in-depth view, visit our process blog