Training smarter, 
one move at a time. 

With the rise in popularity of fitness technology, there has been a craze for the quantified self. Most fitness gadgets focus primarily on heart rate, and are marketed toward the everyday consumer. Among the gadgets, there are few products that track more than heart rate, none of which are designed to seamlessly integrate into collegiate training programs.

Smartmove is an athlete management and training software that utilizes smart performance apparel in order to assist trainers in making more informed, individualized training decisions.

UI / UX, Branding 


Athlete Version


Workout + rehab tracking, fitness evaluations, progress log 


Installed in training room for team lifts

Trainer Version


Athlete management, distributing training and rehabilitation workout assignments, tracking athlete progression, workout and game schedules



Workout Tracking

The primary reason — if not the only reason— athletes will use the application is to track their workouts. For easy use at the gym, the app has a very clear sense of hierarchy, simple workout adding, and an ability to filter workouts by training and rehabilitation.



Workout Modification

Since many college students go away on co-op or during summer break, athletes might not have access to the equipment they are used to in their school gym. The modification option allows the athletes to select alternative exercises that work similar muscles. There is also an opt out option if athletes are unable to perform an exercise. 




Strength & Conditioning coaches and Athletic Trainers rely on visual evaluations to determine how well an athlete executes a particular task, which is a biased method of evaluation that can easily lead to overtraining and injury.

The goal of the smart apparel and evaluation feature is not to replace the trainers, but to give trainers tools that can help them make more informed training decisions based on an athlete’s performance results and trends; and in turn, give athletes the opportunity to understand their physical capabilities and limits.


Smart Performance Apparel

I am currently working with a team of engineers at RIT that are developing smart performance apparel that can measure both heart rate (ECG) and muscular output (EMG). The compression shirt and pants have strategically placed sensors woven into the fabric.

Biosignal tracking acts a tool that aids trainers in assessing an athlete’s muscular imbalances, form, susceptibility to injury, and even fatigue — all of which are key metrics in athletic training.



The application keeps track of sets with the start / rest / resume buttons. "Start" activates the smart apparel and biosignal data begins recording. Muscles change color on a scale to indicate muscular output levels based on each individual athlete's baseline. There is an ability to playback the workout to see muscular output throughout the entire lift. 



During the evaluation, the athlete and trainer will be able to view live stats from the workout. Muscle effort is displayed in percentage / time, and visualizes left + right muscular balances in each activated muscle. Heart rate is displayed BPM / time, keeps track of average and max heart rate, and shows the amount of time the athlete was in each heart rate zone.




The  homepage for the trainer is a calendar that shows a all scheduled workout sessions for today. They can easily add a new event for the day, and see the sessions laid out in list view. There is an option to filter your calendar view by sport, as well as by evaluations, training, meetings, practices, and games. 


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