Redefining Premium


Premium coffee used to be defined as dark roast, 100% Arabica coffee; today, the category is so muddled that the definition of what makes a coffee premium is in a flux. In reimagining Starbucks 12oz (mass retail) and 16oz (Starbucks retail) ground coffee, our multidisciplinary team of graphic and industrial designers strove to create actual and perceptual differentiation of what it means to be premium, while remaining iconic, portfolio driven, enhancing the customer's experience, and being loyalty ready.  

Packaging + Art Direction

Collaboration with Garrett Chase, Analia Briceno, Hayley CromwellShea Oleksa 



Let Starbucks Coffee take you away. Enjoy your mornings, weekends, and nights in the destination of your choice. 

Our goal was to create a packaging system that allows the customer to be a part of Starbucks past and a member of the brand’s future. Each blend of Starbucks coffee comes with a story, and we wanted to show the rich history of each roast with imagery that gives you a taste of the coffee before you make your first cup.


Premium Simplicity

Since Starbucks is so iconic, the design can be simple but still recognizable. The typography prioritizes the roast over the name of the coffee for fast-paced individuals want to know exactly what they are getting without having to sift through cluttered visual stimuli. 


Structure & Form

We had to think about the capacity, foldability, and adhesive contact points; our first versions had over-stressed joints and weren't very flexible. Adding tabs at the top yielded a flexible bag that held shape well and poured easily. We also had to consider the barrier between the coffee and packaging. It was important to keep it opaque and air-tight for freshness.


Tear strip at the top

CO2 outgassing chamber 

Resealable Zipper

Easily folds down flat



With green retail being a forefront of Starbucks’ mission, we wanted the customer buy into a sustainable future with new, responsible packaging. Tekpak Solutions carry paper bags with plastic liners that keep coffee fresh and degrades in all environmental conditions; it is compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable. 


Mass Retail


Starbucks Retail



The main concern with the Starbucks Rewards codes were that they were frequently being removed in-store, without being purchased. With that in mind, we placed it on the inside of the bag. 

This would also encourage those who would like the rewards to empty their bag immediately into a separate container. 


Reusable Canisters

For additional product promotion, reusable canisters would be marketed along with the new packaging. Coffee should not be left in a bag for more than a week after purchase. Not only is external storage better for coffee's flavor and body, but using solid containers is part of a sustainable practice. A customer would purchase the omnidegradable coffee bag, empty it into the container, and either compost or recycle the empty bag.


Customer Engagement

Starbucks customers are known for letting their minds wander on paper. Watching the success of the competitions and programs like the #WhiteCupContest inspired a similar tactic. Utilizing the negative space of the bag, customers will be encouraged to express themselves and share their creations on social media.