Rochester's hidden gem—

It's Greek. And sweet. 

Voula's Greek Sweets is an adorable cafe and bakery in downtown Rochester that serves authentic, vegetarian Greek pastries and food from traditional family recipes. The co-founder and owner, Voula Katsetos-Stratton, makes everything from scratch and in small batches to preserve freshness. The dining experience is comforting, warm, and feels like a trip to Yia Yia's house. 

Branding & Identity, Web, Packaging

Collaboration with Dennae Makel 



We developed an identity that is both warm and comfortable while maintaining a strong connection to Greek culture through use of organic, softly drawn illustrations of Greek statues, patterns derived from ancient Greek architecture, and a sunny palette inspired by the Greek islands.

We created a visual system that spread across specialty takeout boxes, business cards, menus, as well as web and digital assets.  



Voula's Greek Sweets has a strong catering business. Branded labels, specialty dessert boxes, and business cards help establish brand recognition with clients as well as the people at the catered events. 

Boxes are expensive, so these branded ones would only be used on special occasions. The sticker labels would be used on every-day boxes, and are an alternative to stamps that are still relatively cheap and do not smudge. 



Voula often has featured dishes she loves to promote. The website's landing page includes images of the special plates that could be updated whenever there is a new dish. It also includes full brunch and dessert menus.



Voula's Greek Sweets is full of an eclectic assortment of knickknacks, ranging from tiny cat ornaments to miniature Greek busts, to antique teapots, and everything in between. As a sort of game, illustrated gifs will be posted to Instagram, featuring items you can find hidden around the cafe. Next time locals stop by for lunch, they may just find that dancing gnome on the shelf!